15 Beautiful Wedding Mehndi Design to Make You Feel Special

Mehndi is an Indian word in English; it’s called Henna. Wedding is an essential part of girls’ and women’s life. But likely, men and women all are love Mehndi. All of we are like to do various types of Mehndi design. It’s more important if it’s planned for the wedding program. Nowadays, it’s an ordinary matter that the bride and her family members and girlfriends also were mehndi. I know that you are also looking for wedding Mehndi designs. Don’t worry, and here we are giving some wedding Mehndi designs. You can select any of those that you like so much.

Design of Mughal Mehndi:

These designs are painted depending on the Mughal era. The lovesong of the Nawab and his Begums is painted in the bride’s hands so that her married life is also happy and brings good luck. All of Begums were spend many times on mehndi design. The Mughal design is lovely. Most people like the design blindly. Nowadays, it’s viral among Mehndi lovers.

Kuldevta Designs:

We know that all Hindu ceremonies start with religious worship. And marriage is no exception. In Bengali marriages, the ceremony starts from Nandimukh, and even during the wedding, the two hearts meet by witnessing the fire god. So if the gods and goddesses can be painted in the design of Mehndi, then it is good. Radhakrishna or Ganesha – The bride can choose any method for the wedding mehndi design.

Wedding Mehndi Design

Designs of Circle Shape:

Suppose you are not a fan of classic and traditional style. You can choose any circle shape mehndi design. It’s also a trendy style and design. Circle Shape Mehndi Design can paint each part of the bride’s hand. And it’s easy to do. Even you can art it on your page. If you painted it on your lag, it would show you uniqueness.

Geometric Designs:

There is another modern Mehndi Design is geometric Design. This Design only for those people who are not interested in a gorgeous design. But they can draw this kind of geometric Design on the hands and feet with straight lines at the wedding. If you wear this type of wedding henna design, you have to keep makeup and jewelry to match it.

Wedding Mehndi Design

Primitive Mehndi Designs:

For many brides, his wedding is a dream come true. And for that, the traditional henna design is perfect. This henna design is painted with various check patterns. Not only the bride but also the relatives of the bride can choose this type of procedure.

Bride and Groom Designs:

You can also try a little different design if you want. On the one hand, the groom’s picture is beautifully designed with the bride’s image on the other hand. But this is a classic design, and to be honest, this design is not old. Not just photos of the bride and groom, but also pictures of any wedding ceremony or ritual, but you can put them in the design of the Mehndi, such as Sindurdan or Malabadal.

Wedding Mehndi Design

Arabian Mehndi Designs:

Many people do not understand the difference between aerobic style henna design and traditional Indian henna design. Indian designs are much more filled, and there is a lot of space in the aerobic format where Mehndi is painted. The bride’s sisters usually wear mehndi with this type of design, but if you are a bride and want to wear aerobic design mehndi at the wedding. You can also wear it.

Deficient Mehndi Designs:

I like the smell of mehndi very much, but that does not mean that everyone will like it. Many people do not like the smell of mehndi but not even if they do not wear henna in marriage. But they can do minimalist design. This lightweight design will make you look like a ‘Zen Y Bride.’

Hashtag Mehndi Designs:

Nowadays, everything is new. And why is marriage excluded? We all know about hashtags on social media. As soon as you post something, add a few hashtags, but you are trending. If you want to keep that trend in marriage, then create a hashtag for your wedding, yes, a lot like ‘Nikianka’ or ‘Dipvir’ or ‘Biruska.’ And tell the mehndi artist that when you draw the design with your hands, you should also mark the hashtag of your wedding.

Bride and Groom Photo Mehndi Designs:

Put the person who will wear henna in your wedding with pictures of yourself and your groom in advance and say that you have to draw a portrait of your future groom in your hand and your portrait in the hand of your future groom, of course with henna.

Personal Mehndi Designs:

If you want everyone to know your love story, you can draw it through mehndi designs. From the first meeting to the engagement, any particular moment that is important in the life of both of you tells the mehndi artist, he must be the design of your wedding mehndi. Draw it that way.

Simple Wedding Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi can also say a kind of tattoo. Just like many people draw their favorite symbol as a tattoo, you can also do something like this in marriage. But yes it will be with mehndi. If you want, you can also draw a picture of your pet in henna design. It will be quite a novelty in marriage.

Designs of Rajasthan:

Earlier, when the bridegroom came, the kings used to come to get married on elephants. After the marriage, the bride would go to her father-in-law’s house from her father’s house in a palanquin. This design of mehndi can do a bit like this. The method of this mehndi also shows the bride and groom spending time alone.

Designs of Life Goal:

What do you two want to do after marriage, where do you want to go, Or what is the life goal of the two of you if it can be highlighted in the design of Mehndi, then what is the matter? Quite different, isn’t it? When you have a Mehndi ceremony, tell the Mehdi artist and tell him exactly how you want to wear Mehndi.

Proposal Henna:

If you have a love marriage, Then you can tell everyone about the special moment of the time when your future groom proposed to you through the design of Mehndi. And if you don’t want to let everyone know, there is no problem. At least for your groom but it would be a very nice surprise gift.

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