Why Do Guys Wear Two Earrings

The Facts You Never Know Why Do Guys Wear Two Earrings?

Piercing is a gracious way of body modification. It is a great fashion for modern society. History says that earrings are pre-eminently used as men’s jewelry. Most of us never knew this. But from ancient times, guys get ear piercings, and it is trending.

Some guys wear earrings in one ear and some are in both. It is their choice of matter how they want to show. It has not any symbolic meaning. It is a fashion or signature style for the guy who wears earrings in single or both ears.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Wears Two Earrings?

Usually, guys wearing two earrings do have not any particular meaning. But historically or customarily it possesses some meanings. It used to say that two ear-piercing of a guy represents him as bisexual. It means that the guy has an interest in both men and women. If one wears earrings in the right ear that presents him as gay. The left earrings indicate that he is straight. These meanings are always not true. It’s up to the person who bears the ear jewelry in what way he shows his desire.

Some Reasons Behind Guys Wearing Earrings

There are some reasons for guys who wear earrings. The causes vary from custom to custom. Every society holds its own ideology affined with ear piercing. Here we explore some reasons why guys wear two earrings. Take a look at the following:

  • Trending Fashion

Piercing is a trending fashion nowadays. It is a norm in modern society. In the ’70s it becomes come out as a style for the guys. It makes a significant look to the attire and thus then it becomes trending now. Men wear earring because it gives them a unique look. Everybody has the right to choose whatever he wants to wear. 

  • A Symbol Of Social Status
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In history, the Egyptians wore earrings as an emblem of wealth and high status. They were earrings to show their power and prosperity. The warriors get on earrings to express their strength and power in the field of war. It gets them confidence in their duty.

  • Religious Tradition

In some cultures, ear piercing is traditionally a religious belief. In India, some states have followed the culture that children pierced their ears in childhood. It is a religious belief. They have holy beliefs about ear piercing.

The Buddhist also possesses a religious thought that who has wide earlobes and how long he has it is associated with spirituality.

  • Exhibit Sexuality

Ear piercing is a good sign to exhibit your sexuality. It is an old norm that both earrings mean bisexual. It is not bona fide thinking. It also believes that the left piercing considers straight and the right represents a gay. But now the meaning of sexuality by ear piercing is changed. Everyone can have pierced their ears and wear earrings as to their desire. There is no object that makes obstacles to their choice.

  • Shielding From The Evil Eye

Many people think that earrings can save them from any evil eyes. They get pierced to prevent the evil spirit and as a sign of good luck. Sailors also get both ears pierced before sailing and believe that it is a bit of good luck for the journey.

  • Recognition of The Last Family Member

In a custom that if a person is the last family member and all other members are not alive, especially his ascendant’s brothers then he has to wear earrings on both ears to secure himself from any endangerment. It is a security for future family growth.

  • A Sign of Slavery
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In Rome culture, wearing earrings signifies slavery. The slaves wore earrings that make them separate from others and easily indicates slaves. The salves work under the master who bought them and make their both ear pierced. It is a very ancient culture.

  • Keep As a Token Of Memory

Some people wear earrings as their beloved ones give them. They want to keep it with themselves all the time and for that, they wear it in their single or both ears. It is a memory to keep always. Earrings are a very good substance to give someone as a gift. People are often likely to show off their gifts to others.

  • Follow the celebrities

Celebrities are very fond of earrings as a style element. It gives a great vibe to the fashion lover celeb. The fans are always trying to copy their favorite celeb as their idol and pierce ear as a symbol of love. Following the celebrities- attire is also more in trend.

  • Rebellion 

It is an obvious cause for men to get pierced. In their childhood, they try to fit in new things to mess up with family or become funny. Most of the time they wear earrings as a mark of ingenious behavior.

What Sort Of Earrings do Guys Like To Have On

Men’s earrings are the most acceptable norm these days. To wear earrings gives a man cooler look in his daily dressing style. Small stud rings are very famous and demandable. Especially the black ones. Some love to wear holy stone stud rings as it brings good luck to them.

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Some men choose dangly cross design rings for their new ear piercing. It helps to convey a spiritual belief and make a dashing glimpse. Most celebrities wear this type of earrings to show their thoughts.

‘Hoop’ is a kind of earring that is very comfortable to wear and does not take much attention from others. They are easier to sleep with and stay flat to the earlobes. Silver or titanium hoops are quite famous to the piercer.

Clip-on earrings are also a kind for the guy who doesn’t want to get an actual pierce but wishes to wear earrings. This jewelry helps them to fulfill their craving. These products are so versatile.

Most guys avoid big earrings with fancy designs. It is not a good idea to wear such large jewelry on the ear for men. Minimal rings are very comfortable to put and carry on. They are not damaging the earlobes.


Earrings are considered normal for females but for men they were not as normal as women. In this modern world guys’ earrings are so acceptable and a fashion component. The guys wear such rings on their ears because they have the desire to look more unique than other guys. whether there is any specific reason or not both ears or single earrings get them a versatile glance of appearance.

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