What Happens If You Change Your Earrings Too Soon?

Piercing is a great way to interchange the external look of someone. It’s someway funny too. Earrings are jewelry that is so fashionable and demandable for the piercer. 

Ear piercing must need aftercare measures. You can’t just change your earrings too early. If you put on any earrings you must take precautions to prevent any infections. You should follow the measures from the very first day of piercing before it’s completely healed. Its healing time is not too short. It must take 5-6 weeks to become fully healed. Before this time the ear holes are brittle. Taking off jewelry is also a painful augmentation. So you have to take patience with the recuperation of the piercing area. 

Is There Any Fear To Change Earrings Too Soon?

To change the earrings too soon is full of dangerous things. It is very painful as well. When the piercing is fresh you can’t take off your earrings or change them. The changing thought will get wrong cause it can wear out the flesh from your ear lobes. This idea also has some bad side effects on the piercing area.

Here we mention some facts to show the consequences of changing earrings too soon. Have a look at the following:

  • Your piercing can be closed fully if you take off earrings too soon as the piercing is so fresh.
  • The earring holes get infected. If you put off your ear jewelry early your ears get touched by the bacteria and are infected therewith.
  • It will damage the tissue cell of your earlobes.
  • It creates pain in the hole points and also can spread to the whole ear.
  • It will cause inflammation in the piercing.
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Changing earrings too early and leaving open the stigma point of the ear causes the closing up of the new piercing. This is because our tissue cells always develop and fill up the dead cells. By changing such jewelry dirt, bacteria, and germs get easily indulged in the ear holes. It infects the area and creates ‘ear cheese’ which has bad smells. Taking off earrings so fast can cause irritation, inflammation, and growing pain. It is always a fear that putting on earrings for a fresh piercing brings so much danger. You must have primary knowledge before getting pierced of what should or should not do.

How Long It Takes Time to Heal The Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is an exciting work of art that can do anyone who has the desire to do so. The healing time of a new piercing especially the ears is so fast According to its location. Earlobes heal so quick compare with a cartilage piercing. It takes 5-6 weeks minimum to become completely healed. The cartilage piercing takes at least 3 months to heal properly. Body acceptance is a concerning fact in this phenomenon. Because some have sensitive body skin so they need some more time to heal the earlobes.

You have to leave the earrings for the fulfillment of the healing procedure and take after-care measures for the piercing. You should clean the cleft area with saline solution or salt solution at least once a time in a week. You should not change or touch the earrings of the newish piercing. You must have to take patience for 5-6 weeks to change earrings. 

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What should Use To Clean The Piercing area?

After done with your Piercing it is very important to take care of the vent area which can save it from getting infected. Cleaning the ear piercing is not so troublesome work. 

The first few weeks are severe for you to take care of. We have some tips to share with you for cleaning the new piercing area. These will help you to sanctify it. Here the tips are:

  • Always wash your hands with warm water and gentle soap before touching the piercing area.
  • Use 1 teaspoon of salt in warm water and mix it. Then apply it to the area of the cleft to prevent the bacterial attack. 
  • You can use saline solution to wash it.
  • Abstain from using any perfumed or scented soap. 
  • Use a cotton pad to clean the area.
  • Sanitized the earrings after take-off and before putting them in.
  • Avoid using shampoo, body wash, face wash, or any body products for the piercing.

These ways are helpful to do the cleaning the newly pierced and if you follow them strictly you can prevent bacterial infections to the earring’s clefts.


Ear piercing is a common fashion element these days. Both men and women are having piercings at any age. For the accepted demand it gets popularity. You need to take good care of the piercing area to avert any future damage. Before changing the earrings you must have in mind that the piercing holes become completely healed. Otherwise, it brings complications to the newish piercing.

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