Westbrook Hairstyle

Westbrook Braids Hairstyle for You

Russell Westbrook is a professional NBA player who has a lot of achievements with a huge fanbase. He was a player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is a member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team and he is a 9 times NBA All-Star. He has a very stylish hairstyle as well.

So the Westbrook hairstyle is also very famous. 

Russell Westbrook is one of the players who has a wonderful record of triple-doubles for a season. He is a 9 time NBA All time team member. He won back-to-back NBA All-Star games mvp. He also has the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. So those make him very renowned worldwide. 

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has a haircut that is basically a braided fade hairstyle. Mainly it is a hairstyle for blacks but everyone can try it. It is a curly hairstyle so if you do have not curly hair then it will be a very hard task for you. But as it gives you a stylish look then you should try it. 

How to do it:

It is very easy to get that in a barber shop. If you give them an image of this hairstyle then it will be very easy to get. But it is also possible at home though it is not so easy. But your upper hair should be long(not too long) for Westbrook Hairstyle otherwise we can not braid that. 

Westbrook Hairstyle


How to get Westbrook’s Hairstyle:

  1. As the sides fade, first you have to take a trimmer.
  2. Then take the 0 inch clip.
  3. Cut both sides fully with this clip. 
  4. Then cut the backside with this same clip.
  5. Then use a clip for upper hair. 
  6. Then start to braid your hair from the front.
  7. Keep focus on the stripes on the upper hair.
  8. At last, clear all the corners and remove the clips.
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You can get a beard with Westbrook Hairstyle. Though Westbrook does not have a beard, he got clean shaved. But it is your personal wish. You also can have a mustache with a Westbrook hairstyle. You should have it if you want. Westbrook has no mustache so it would be better to have no mustache with this hairstyle. Although it is mainly a hairstyle for curly hair people. 

Westbrook hairstyle can give you a more stylish and casual look. If you want a casual look and if you have curly hair then it will be the best choice for you. More stylish look will give you more confidence. 

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