Beginners Guide for Urban Gardening at Home

Don’t you have any idea about urban gardening? Don’t worry. I am here to help you. Look! Nowadays gardening is going to be a favorite pastime of so many people, especially the urban old people. And urban gardening is the most important part of our city life. If you don’t have a community garden readily available in your city neighborhood, there are many ways you can make your own urban garden. Here are some simple steps.

Haven’t Enough Space?

No problem. In urban areas, there are so many people who have not enough backyard, roof, or balcony and if you don’t have any of these you also can start gardening. how? You can start pot planting. yes right! Pot planting is right for you. It’s a low-cost and effective option for you. You haven’t Enough time to buy pot? No worry, you can use containers not in use, such as fruits crates, old toys, or paint cans. One more thing if you are interested in pot planting first of all you need to know about different types of pots.

Here we are informing about five types of the best pot.

1.Plastic Pots

Nowadays plastic planters are very common and come in various types, different colors, and different sizes. Benefits of it you wouldn’t have to worry about denting, rusting, frosting or fading. Plastic pots give you many seasons of use. Also, they are environment friendly.

3.Durable, unbreakable.

2 .Terracotta Pots

It’s also a very common, popular, and traditional style. In fact, if you are a flower lover then you can choose it without any habitations because it’s perfect for flower gardening. You can find that conversational red-orange color. However, they can come in different colors depending on the soil used to make them such as brown, pink and beige. The material is very tough and stable. The material makes them difficult to move. Frequently watering may be required because moisture is easily absorbed from them.

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1.Commonly used for planters.
2: Robust and study.
3: Attractive.
4: Chap price.
5: Good drainage.

3. Wood Pots

Wood planters are mostly used for flower planting. It gives you an eye-catching look that can be more beautiful and environmentally friendly. If you use a wood planter for your backyard garden it gives you a homemade look that can goodly complement your backyard accessories. You can use various types of wood for your planters. Another facility of that you can give choice full shape or style what you want. If you are choosing old wood, it is essential to clean the wood goodly before planting otherwise it will be prone to rotting.

1:Made in any size what you want.
2: Cheap.
3: Long-lasting.
4: Well drainage.

4.Metal Pots

You may see metal pots more and more. They are various and fit a traditional or coincidental style depending on what you get. In fact, metal pots are used indoors to decorate house furniture. You can choose various types of metal pots such as aluminum, tin, iron, and copper. But metal pots are more expensive and regardless.

1:Traditional design.
2: Attractive.
3: Ages over time.

5.Concrete Pots

Concrete planters can be incredibly beautiful if you do it right. Nowadays many gardeners are interested in concrete pots. Because cheaply made ones will only last a couple of years at max. Concrete pots are extremely heavy, durable, and robust.

1:Class design and style.
2: Durable.
3: Good quality.

Haven’t Enough Knowledge About Soil?

Don’t worry I am giving you the full instructions about soil because different types of plants need different types of soil. Here are some different soil descriptions. I hope you can choose the best soil for your beloved garden.

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1.Clay Soil
Clay Soil is not perfect for pot gardening because it’s not much organic material. Actually, it’s a sticky material soil. It doesn’t drain well at all because there is not much space between mineral particles. Clay soil has some negative qualities such as slow draining, slow to warm in the spring, and makes it difficult for plant roots to grow.

2. Sandy soil
Sandy soil is good for such types of plant that can survive in dry because sandy soil dries out quickly and are low in nutrients. For sandy soil, you can select these planets. Cleome, Gazania, Yarrow, Cosmos, Rugosa Rose, and Poppy California.

3.Loam Soil
Yes! This is the right soil for gardening and planning. All kinds of elements are available in this soil which are needed for good gardening. It contains all plants of basic soil particles. This soil has good drainage because all kinds of trees can survive on it.

What Type of Tree Should You Plant?

Listen, it depends on your choice. But vegetable, flower, and herb varieties are easy to grow in city spaces. When you plan your garden, think about what types of trees you like or love. But we spatially suggest you go for vegetables like tomato, potato, carrot, etc or as herbs, lettuce, rosemary.

How to Take Care of an Urban Garden?

For gardening care, you can follow the way, who do you care for your babies? Because particularly your plants are your babies. As like you feed your children every day, so you feed your plants. Water is more important for urban gardening because we know that all urban area’s temperature is always increasing. So proper watering is badly needed for your garden. Consistent watering will produce the best results.

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“Weeds Remove”
The most important thing about gardening is controlling weeds. If you don’t remove weeds from your garden it will hamper on your crop’s production. Because weeds will eat energy from the soil and your plants will not find proper energy.

When Should I Harvest Vegetables and Fruits?

Harvest your vegetables as soon as they are ripe and after harvesting remove the harvested plants. But if they are enough strength and disease-free, add them to another top by adding some compost.

Clean Your Garden
After harvesting, you have to remove destroyed parts of plants to produce other healthy ones. Identify how many of the plants you need to remove.
But if you find any of your plants affected by infection, you may have to remove the entire plant.

Keep Rest Your Soil
It’s never too early to start planting trees in the same soil that you used already. Leave the soil to rest for a few days and cultivate in order to prepare for next season.

Listen! If you are a new gardener you need to choose the right plants for your garden. It’s most important for you to choose the right kind of plants. There are some trees that required minimum of 6 hours of direct sun every day and vegetables will prefer shade during the hottest summer days. If you have any idea about urban gardening hope you share your knowledge in the comments below.

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