Simple Mehndi Designs

16 Simple Mehndi Designs for Girls & Women

In the Indian subcontinent, no wedding program can be fulfilled without Mehndi. But some people are not like mehndi so much, like other mehndi lovers. If you are a person like those who are not mehndi lovers, you can drow simple mehndi designs to maintain formality. To do a simple design you just need a tube of mehndi. Simple Mehndi designs are usually made for teenage girls and non-mehndi lovers women. There are so many simple designs you will find on the internet. Also, we have given some incredibly beautiful mehndi designs. you can try any of them for you and your baby girl.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Palm

Palm is the most important body part for mehndi design. If you just want to draw a simple design, you can do it only on your hand’s palm. On the palm, you can just drow a simple flower with some dots and some leaf. You also can drow an Alpana shape design. Basically simple designs look simple.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Palm

Simple Hands Mehndi Designs

When we think about mehndi, we think that it is a thing that pots on hands. Yes, usually it is for hand use. But nowadays it also pots on arm, legs, and feet. For a simple birthday party or any conventional program, you can beautify your hands with a simple mehndi design.

Simple Hands Mehndi Designs

Simple Hands Floral Mehndi Designs For Beginners

If you are a beginner in the field of mehndi design, it’s so tough for you to drow a gorgeous design. You can practice it with a simple design. you know what, every work has a beginning part? Mehndi design also has a starting part. As a beginner, you can try an uncomplicated floral mehndi design. Floral designs are comfortable for newbies.

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Simple Hands  Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Left-hand’s Mehndi Designs 

As a mehndi liver, you may know that there has various types of mehndi designs for the right hand and left hand. Left-hand mehndi design is not extraordinary. It’s similar to the right hand. Indian females always decorate each hand with mehndi. it’s simple for them. You also can decorate your left hand like your right hand.
left-hand's simple mehndi designs 

Simple Mehndi Designs For Feet

Mehndi lovers are always like to adorn themselves with the color of mehndi. And because of that sometimes they decorate their legs and feet. feet mehndi designs are not ordinary. If you are not a blind mehndi lover you will not drow it on your feet. But feet mehndi designs look very impressive. You can try it on your feet.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Feet

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic designs are different from Indian mehndi designs. Look at the given picture, it’s not like an ordinary design. Arabic designs are very attractive and incredible. Nowadays girls and women are mostly fans of Arabic mehndi design. If you are a Muslim or nonmuslim girl you can try an Arabic design for the next program.

Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

Front Hands Mehndi Designs

For the front hand mehndi design, you can choose any simple mehndi design. Because simple designs are mostly based on floral. And floral mehndi designs are suitable for the front hand and palm. Do you need ideas about the front hand simple mehndi design? look at the given word, hope you will find the proper idea about the design.

Front Hands Simple Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

According to the mehndi lovers, left-hand and right-hand mehndi designs are not so different. But Arabic designs are different from Indian mehndi designs. But simple Arabic designs easily beautify your hand whatever it’s right or left hand. So if you are not a blind lover of mehndi, you can do a simple mehndi design on your left hand.

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Simple Mehndi Designs For Girls

Unfortunately, Small girls are also fans of mehndi. They also like to decorate their hands like girls and women. As kids are so crazy they need a simple design so that it’s not going to be very inferior for their craziness.

kid's simple mehndi designs

Circle Mehndi Design for Left Hand Palm

To decorate your palm you can choose a circle shape design or any floral mehndi design. Because those types of designs are mostly recommended by mehndi lovers. For a simple palm design, you can draw a simple big shape circle and decorate it with some dots. Hope it will be lucrative.

Palm Simple Mehndi Designs

Very Unique Mehndi Designs For Feet

Yes, feet mehndi designs are not very known among the mehndi lover. if you are not a crazy mehndi lover, you may don’t know about this design. But it has a deep significance among blind mehndi lovers. But feet mehndi designs look really impressive. You will find some people do it on their feet and they are really big fans of mehndi designs.

Very Simple Mehndi Designs For Feet

Mehndi Design Wrist Length

Wrist-length mehndi designs are really an ideal design of mehndi. So many girls and women are like these types of designs. Most of the design’s lengths are like that.

Mehndi Design Wrist Length

Simple Finger Design

Finger Mehndi designs are usually being simple. To decorate your lovely fingers you can choose any design but if you want to select a specific design, you can select a ring shape. Because this design is more comfortable for your finger. Also, you can choose an ornamental design.

Simple Finger Design

Left Hand Back Side Design

Backside mehndi designs are the hottest design among the mehndi lover girls. this design can simply beautiful any girl’s hands. So you can try this design next time. Hopefully, you will not be dissatisfied.

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Left Hand Back Side Design

Wrist to one Finger Mehndi Design

Nowadays girls are always trying to keep themselves attractive. Because of this, they decorate their hands with mehndi or any other things. But I personally suggest them decorate their hand with mehndi. why? Because mehndi has thousand of simple designs and wrist to finger design is one of the most attractive mehndi designs. Look at the given picture’s design. You can choose this type of design for your lovely hands.

Wrist to one Finger Mehndi Design

Wrist to Small Finger Side Mehndi Design

It is totally different from any others design. Because it is an extraordinary simple design. this design is so much appropriate for teenage girls.Wrist to Small Finger Side Mehndi Design


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