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8 Best Red Dragon Tattoos Ideas to Try

The dragon is a popular mythical creature that is known to all. Although is hard to decipher the representation of the dragons’ symbol. The characteristic is actually universal. Red dragon tattoos are a famous subject in the tattoo industry because the dragon gives a unique character to the wearer that everyone feels attracted to. The tattoos are mostly inked onto various parts of a body. But if you are still confused, let’s talk about the subject in detail.

Red Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Red dragon tattoo meaning
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The origin of ‘dragon’ comes from the Greek word ‘Darkein’. Dragon tattoos have different meanings in different cultures. The east sees it as a positive and blessed object. But in the west, it has more of a negative, destructive image related to it.
This mythical creature is both beautiful and fearsome. The color red gives the dragon a symbol of toughness as a tattoo. The Eastern people see these tattoos as the symbol of fortune and good luck. Whereas Western culture points to the dragon as an evil spirit, they also point to the dragon as a destroyer of all positivity.

Another reason for having these tattoos is that a lot of people find them astonishing. Men who wear red tattoos are found to be more romantic and attractive by women. Also, men find women with tattoos sexier, for which many women are drawn to have tattoos.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning on a Woman

Red dragon tattoo meaning on a woman
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Are you a woman who wants to have a red dragon tattoo on your body? Although it is more popular among men, women also are eligible for having dragon tattoos on their bodies. And they hold a special meaning within the body of girls.

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Commonly, the meaning of this tattoo for ladies may be a symbol of strength, or of a creator and protector of life. The dragon symbolizes the sign of a women’s maternity, as it is shown as a creator in many cultures. This is why many women relate themselves to dragons and choose to wear dragon tattoo on their bodies. It shows mothers devoted soul guard their children. This protection is another common dragon tattoo meaning.

Another meaning may represent self-confidence, symbolizing the flowing, fluid grace of a dragon that conceals power and strength beneath the surface, during this case, it shows the arrogance and positivity of girls.

Red and Black Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Black and red dragon tattoo
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As we mentioned before, the color red resembles power, and in Chinese culture, the black dragon shows the symbol of vengeance. So, it is often linked with catastrophes. Together they show the power of vengeance.

Red and Blue Dragon Tattoo:

Blue and red dragon tattoo
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The blue dragon is the symbol of nature. Many people also use this to symbolize healing and peace of life. Knowing this we can conclude that red and blue together makes it the power of nature. It is a reminder that we are indeed dependent on nature for us to live.

Dragon Tattoo on Back:

Red dragon tattoo on back
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Wearing tattoos on the back is very common. The shape of the dragon is manipulated very easily and place in various parts of our bodies. And a very commonplace is putting it in our back. It gives your dragon that extra special look, also tattoos on the back are easy to define because it has a large area.

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Red Dragon Tattoo on Thigh:

Red dragon tattoo on thigh
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Just like our back, thighs also have a large area to put a dragon on and look gorgeous. It makes anyone confident that they look beautiful.

Dragon Tattoo on Arm:

Red dragon tattoo on arm
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The arm is a common and open place for having any creative and meaningful tattoo, this place shows off your tattoo. So, having a red dragon tattoo on your arm can mean that you like to show your strengths. This also attracts some people towards you. Your powerful environment can cause many people to feel safe around you. Hence having a red dragon tattoo will somehow make your image the strongest.

Dragon Tattoo Behind Ear Red Color:

Red dragon tattoo behind ear
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Behind the ear is an odd place to wear tattoos. Not only they look stunning but it is also rare to see. Generally, they hold something very deep to the heart of their wearer or something the wearer lost. Having a dragon tattoo behind your ear may mean that you have a deep connection to the dragons’ symbol. Or they consider themselves as a dragon.

Dragon Tattoos Around Wrist Red :

Red dragon tattoos around wrist
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A tattoo around the wrist is quite rare and an odd place to have tattoos. But the tattoo is interesting. These tattoos look more like an accessory rather than just a seriously wore tattoo. So, the red dragon tattoo that is sitting on your wrist can act as a beautiful bracelet and a part of your powerful aura.

Red Dragon Tattoo on Ankle:

Red dragon tattoo in ankle
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The ankle is a place where many people have tattoos but the tattoo is soulful to the wearer. But instead of showing off, it holds meaning to you so you keep the tattoo as a symbol of that memory. So, wearing a red dragon tattoo on your ankle means you consider yourself a strong human being. You also have a character that is powerful and has a strong aura.

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Dragon Chinese Tattoo:

The dragons are powerful creatures from Chinese mythology. Generally, the dragon symbolizes nobility, agriculture life, kindness, and other virtues. The Chinese dragons are very colorful and each has a different meaning. The culture also has different kinds of the dragon, such as-

  • Spiritual Dragon- The dragon of rain and wind.
  • Winged dragon- Although it is uncommon to have, this dragon symbolizes the rain and occasionally floods.
  • Celestial dragon- the dragon that protects God.
  • Coiling dragon- It controls time.
  • Treasure dragon- Protects hidden treasures.
  • Underworld dragon- The one who controls the sea, rivers, and streams.
  • Horned dragon- this dragon is the most powerful among the Chinese dragons. But they also symbolize it with evil spirits because of the horns.
  • Dragon king- The dragon king or dragon god is the most powerful of all the dragons. The Chinese tradition believes that he reigns over the Chinese seas.

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