How to Get Mikey Tokyo Revenger Hairstyle?

Tokyo revengers are the most known animation series in Japan. Tokyo revenger is an exciting time travel manga series with an interesting character that impacts the audience’s mind full of action and feelings.

one of the main characters, Mikey, has a different hairstyle from what we see on TV or in magazines that is white hair with a steps layer cut and in the middle, he has a ponytail. In this article, you will be avail to know about Mikey’s character and Mikey’s Hairstyle. Moreover, you can achieve this hairstyle at home after reading this article.

Mikey’s character

In this series, many of the characters, the most known character, is Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey. His character is the most robust. The reason for his strongest character is his martial skill.

In the Tokyo revenger series, Mikey is a teenager who loves to do pranks with his beloved friends.

Besides that, he is the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang or Toman. He controls his gang very strictly with confidence. Later, he disbanded his group and created a new Kanto Manji Gang. Later on, it may change its name and become known as Bonten.

How to achieve Mikey’s Hairstyle from Tokyo Revenger at home?

At first, you had to straighten the hair and then cut the length on the back at the length of the shoulder using the free-form technique with the feather razor. Repeat the method around the back as needed. This style will work for any face type, but the ponytail style won’t suit someone with a big forehead.

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If you have wavy or curly hair, this look might look good. Make sure you leave the length three to five fingers longer, depending on how curly your hair is. Then you had to cut the layer. In this hairstyle, you have to cut your hair in many layers. After that, the blow dries your hair and rolls back the hair. This will create the needed volume and direction. On the top section, roll the brush on the base and push it back. When you release the hair from the brush, give it a turn with your wrist and let it stay there. The next one underneath uses a 45-degree angle out of the base; in the lower base, use the round brush over the section at zero degrees so you can get the flat on the segment. Using this section on the sides on the back will give it a better transition from the volume on the top.

After all, the cutting creates a section on the top using your finger in a zigzag motion to get a messy partition. This fits better than using a comb on Mikey’s looks and making a straight line. Left some strands on the sides of the bank and combed the rest of the hair on the back but not too perfect. The ponytail placement will be after the highest point of the head on the curve on the crown. Secure the ponytail using a hair rubber or hairpin. In this way, you can have Mikey’s hairstyle. It may look complicated, but it will become accessible after some tries.

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Mikey’s hairstyle in Tokyo Revenger has become very famous, and lots of people want to try it, but because of lack of skill, they can’t. So following the methods given here, they can have this hairstyle easily.

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