Meaningful Arrow Tattoo Designs with Images

Modern arrow tattoos signify the stability in such a step of somebody’s life and guidance to achieve his or her goal. The arrow symbolizes the achievement of your goals and aims. The arrow also stands for defensive performance. 

What’s the meaning of arrow tattoos?

The arrow tattoo stands for strength and represents the fulfillment of your targets. In Native American culture, it reflects difficulties or struggles. It represents friendship, love, protection, positivity, achievement, and many several values and ideas.

What do two arrow tattoos mean?

A lot of people think that crossing two arrows is a sign of friendship. Left means protection, and right means safety from darkness and something.

two arrow tattoos

What does the tattoo mean by the three arrows?

The three arrows represent unconditional love and bond of trust. It is also a symbol of true friendship.


What kind of path should an arrow tattoo refer to?

Although most arrows point positively, a left-pointed tattoo represents a wish to grab things aside from oneself.

What does the feather arrow tattoos mean?

The Feather arrow usually means independence, victory, individual rights, or sovereignty. It makes perfect sense to use a feather as a design feature to involve the tattoo of one’s arrow. The downside arrow represents prosperity.

feather arrow tattoos


feather arrow tattoo

Tattoos On Arm-

Many people have tattoos on their arms. Arrow tattoo is one of the top tattoo designs in the current fashion. Many celebrities are also seen doing this tattoo on the arm.

Arrow Tattoos On Arm

Avatar Arrow Tattoos-

Aang had a series of tattoos. Blue tattoos are considered traditional in many places. Many of them can be compared to Aang. They are called Air Monks. Aang gets tattoos while Mastering in Air Bending.

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Arrow Tattoos Avatar

Ankle Tattoo-

The ankle tattoo can be realistic, but it has the freedom to say a thousand words. Here are some popular pictures of ankle tattoo designs.

Tattoos Behind Ear-

Doing a tattoo behind the ear is one of the most traumatic parts of the human body. It’s very risky too. Though it’s very risky, there are a lot of people who are doing a tattoo behind their ears. He or she should go to a professional tattoo artist and be careful of an ear arrow tattoo. Here are some tattoo designs-


Arrow Tattoo Between Breast-

Many girls nowadays have tattoos on their breasts. However, it is very risky. Despite the risk, many people do arrow tattoos as a hobby.
There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to getting a tattoo on your breast.
1. Go to a professional tattoo artist.
2. After getting a tattoo, you should take advice on whether there may be any problem.
3. If there is any problem after getting a tattoo, you should see a gynecologist.

Arrow Tattoo For Couple-

Many people nowadays get tattoos to express their love for each other. In today’s fashion, many people are interested in getting a couple of tattoos. In this case, two people get the same tattoo.

Arrow Tattoo On Finger-

Even though finger tattoos are very risky, many fashion lovers get tattoos on their fingers. Things to keep in mind to get a tattoo on the finger-
1. Go to a professional tattoo artist.
2. After tattooing, the fingers should be kept dry for several hours
3. If there is any problem, you must see a doctor.
4. If the tattoo fades, you should take the advice of the tattoo artist.

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Chest Arrow Tattoo –

Many people nowadays have tattoos on their chests. However, tattoos on the chest are more likely to fade easily. You need to use sunscreen.

Hand Arrow Tattoo-

These are very common for this generation. However, with time, people get tattoos on their hands due to new designs. If someone tattoos a hand to convey a purpose to people then it is easily possible to explain.

Leg Tattoo-

Tattoos on hands and feet are equally attractive. Leg tattoos are very popular among young people.

Is Arrow Tattoo a Bad Idea?

Many people think tattooing is a bad idea. However, getting tattoos on the back of the ears, breasts, fingers, and lips is very risky. So it is better not to get tattoos on these parts of the body.

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