Marcus Rashford Haircut Ideas for Cool Men

Marcus Rashford is an English Professional football player based in Manchester. He is currently playing for Manchester United and the national team. Besides Rashford’s marvelous sports skills, another thing that makes him more famous is Rashford’s Haircut. In this article, you will be avail to know about the Rashfords Hairstyle. Besides that, you will be avail to achieve this hairstyle at home.

Marcus Rashford Haircut

Rashford’s carrier history: Marcus Rashford started playing football at the age of 5 for Fletcher Moss Ranger Football Club. “ Rashford was on a ‘Different level’ than other boys at that time,” said the Fletcher Roos Ranger Academy Development Officer Dave Horrocks. At 7, he joined the academy system at Manchester United. 

On the 25th of February 2016, Rashford had his 1st team debut with two goals in the second half of the match against ‘Midtjylland’, a 5-1 win. After three days, he made his ‘English premier league debut against ‘Arsenal’. He got two goals again and became the third youngest player in Manchester United. As a senior, he had his 1st goal again in Slovakia in the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP.

Information about Rashford Hairstyle

Marcus Rashford’s hairstyle is a famous hairstyle. A lot of people tried to get his hairstyle looks. His hairstyle works for any person with curly hair. It seems excellent on him and gives him a cool look.

Marcus Rashford’s hairstyle names are AFRO TAPERED

It’s the most stylish haircut. If you want to change your current hairstyle and want a cool hairstyle that is easy to handle, then you could try Rashford’s hairstyle, which is known as an Afro Tapered haircut. It is easy to maintain and gives a great look to any occasion. Moreover, it will provide you with a cool look. Afro Tapered haircut has become more popular after Rashford had this hairstyle.

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Afro Tapered haircut varieties:

 You can have a short Afro haircut. In barber, the hairstylist usually suggests having a short Afro haircut. 

if you have long hair, then you have Long Afro Haircut. Though it’s the most common one. For this cut,  you have to grow your curly hair. And make sure to keep the bald guideline shape clear. 

How to get Marcus Rashford Haircut?

 If you don’t have enough time to get a hairstyle at the barber and want a quick haircut, then you can easily have Afro Haircut at home. First, use water to make your hair wet. It will help you to cut your hair quickly. Then using a scissor cut the hair from the upper to down as much as needed. Then create bald guidelines around the head as much as you want, and give it a shape. That’s it; here you had your Afro Haircut at home.                 


Rashford’s hairstyle, known as the Afro Tapered cut, can be suitable for curly hair. You won’t have to suffer in the summer to maintain it; you can easily wash it. Following the tips, you can easily have the Rashford hairstyle look at home. It would be best if you gave it a try.

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