9 Famous Ideas of Joestar Tattoos

What is a Joestar tattoo? Who doesn’t know the Joestars’ from the famous anime Jojo’s bizarre adventure? They are the main focus of a renowned anime. They are also known for the birthmark that they have. Which many people call the Joestar Tattoo. The mark is a bright red star located on the left shoulder. It is the birthmark of the Joestars’ and every member of the Joestar family has it. Many fans are following this trend to show love and affection.

What Does Joseph Joestar Meaning?

The Joestar tattoo is a star-shaped mark located on the left shoulder. It is a mystery what their tattoo means. Although the tattoo is mysterious, many think that the symbol provides unity to the family. It is a bond that keeps the family together, according to many. But it is often believed that the star is not a birthmark but a professional tattoo given to them after birth. The meaning is still unknown. But this mark or symbol is now largely being used to wear a fashionable tattoo.

Joestar Mark Tattoo

Joestar tattoo birthmark

The Joestar mark or the Joestar family birthmark is a star on their left shoulder that every Joestar member is born with. This mark is a way to identify any member of the Joestar family. The fans also get the mark by wearing a tattoo in the same spot as the Joestars’ to show their love towards this fiction family. But it is not worn only within the fans. This is also just a normal tattoo that would look amazing on you. So the fanbase is not always necessary to wear a Joestar tattoo.

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Joestar Family Tattoo (birthmark)

Joestar Family Tattoo

The Joestars are a fictional family that has an unusual birthmark on one of their shoulder. It remarks their bloodline. This mark is a symbol that can only be seen in their bloodline. This can not be faked by outsiders. The mark a simple yet beautiful tattoo to have. Because the star can be used for many different reasons, many people love the star because it gives a deeper meaning to their life, others like it because of the shape.

Joseph Joestar Tattoo

Joseph Joestar Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Joseph Joestar is the main protagonist of the anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure who, for the fame of this anime, is loved by many. And as a representation of fans’ affection and support, many wear his face like a tattoo. Like other Joestar members, he also has a red star on his left shoulder, which many people copies.

Jonathan Joestar Tattoo

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Jonathan is also a fictional character from the famous anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. He is so famous that not only the mark that is used as a tattoo, but many people adore a character so much that they have the character inked on their body. Jonathan is one of those characters who is loved for both his looks and character. Those who adore him so much often get him inked in their body as a showcase of love.

Johnny Tattoo

Johnny Joestar Tattoo
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Johny is another member of the anime. Even though he is a minor character, people love this young man. His marked tattoo is also a red star that is on his left shoulder which people wear as a token of their love. Star is a simple shape that gives deep meaning to many people and it looks awesome in any part of your body. Some find it as the insignificance of life while others find it as the power of unity. It shows how a single star is nothing, but all of them together can light up the sky so beautifully.

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Joester Tattoo on Shoulder

Joester Tattoo on Shoulder

Having a Joestar tattoo on your shoulder would be the most convenient place to wear it because this is the significant point to wear a tattoo for any JoJo fan. Even if you are not a fan of this anime, you can still have the tattoo without having any guilt about it because of its awesome simplistic design. This star has a deep meaning to the Joestar’s and if you know the details, you are pretty much making an appointment to ink up this tattoo!


Joestar Tattoo on Leg

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The leg is a fantastic area to wear a tattoo because the place is quite large and we can easily manipulate the quality of the tattoo without much hassle. Wearing a tattoo on the leg is special because only you know the story behind the tattoo and get a very detailed tattoo.

Joestar Hand Tattoo

Joestar tattoo
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If you are a fan and you like to show off your fandom then your arm is the perfect place to ink a tattoo on. People can see the tattoo and it is the best place to wear a tattoo if you are proud of something and to show it off. An arm is a place for less painful tattoos. Joestar tattoo is a topic to show if you are an anime fan, this is a world-renowned anime that many people have been watching for decades.

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