Nose Ring From Falling Out

How To Keep My Nose Ring From Falling Out? (Cause & Solutions)

Falling out of nose rings is a common factor for the piercer. Those who have their nose piercing and wear nose rings can face the problem now and often. It is very risky to save the ring from falling out when the piercing is fresh. Most of the time nose rings can fall apart from your face when you are in the shower, doing makeup, or washing your face. If that happens you can find your jewelry on your makeup tissue, on the washroom”s floor, or on the sink. You have to be very careful with the jewelry or you will lose it.

 Piercing is a strenuous task. Before piercing you have to know the repercussion and have to take precautions to prevent any hazard.

Why Does The Nose Ring Become Falling Out?

Nose ring spats for many reasons. You can find your cause here and we are trying to explore the points why they often fall out of your nostril. The causes in summary:

  1. If the jewelry is too short or tight or fits it will push out from the skin.
  2. If it is intertwined with the pillow or bed cover when sleeping.
  3. During taking a shower, washing the face, swimming.
  4. If it causes an infection in the piercing.
  5. Body rejection is also a cause for the spat of the ring.
  6. Loose of the stud.

Nose rings are of different types. people use it at their choice like L- shaped, straight, circle, with or without a stud, metallic, gold, silver, and many more. People choose their nose ring as their wish and skin type. Because those who have sensitive skin can not bear a gold or silver ring, it is not suitable for their body type. It can cause infection. So body rejection is also a very problematic cause for the ring falling out.

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 Your nose ring can be popping out from the nostril area for the shortness of the ring size. After showering or washing the face when you clean it with a towel, the nose jewelry can be stuck with the towels’ cotton and dispatched from your piercing area.

The new piercing can come out by entangled with your cloth or hair. This is also a common fact.

The Ways How To Save The Ring From Falling Apart

 In the following, we give you some suggestions to intercept your nose jewelry. These proposals are not fully banished your problem but can slighter it to some extent.

  1. Use a curved nose stud ring.
  2. Use the safest metal elements for your new piercing.
  3. Take off the nose jewelry during showering or swimming.
  4. Stick to aftercare precautions for the new nostril piercing.
  5. Should not touch the jewelry repeatedly.
  6. Choose the best-fitting nose ring.
  7. Remove the old piercing jewelry.

After done with nose piercing the first thing you should keep in mind that choosing the right sort of ring according to your body type. what kind of ring suits you is a matter of concern. You should use the safest metal to avert body rejection. In this sense platinum or titanium is considered as safest metal and also a highly endorsed one.

 The curved shape of the ring also helps you out from your falling out of the problem. You can have a curved-shaped nose ring that holds tight to the nostril. It is harder to come out from the spike.

You should follow the aftercare and precautions measures to prevent any infection and falling out the problem with the nose ring. You should not touch the new piercing area. Before touching, wash your hands with warm water and rotate the ring anti-clockwise.

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It is suggested that you should not swim in your new piercing before properly healing. You can lose it if you put on the ring while swimming. You just take it out and put it in a safe place before doing so.

What I Should Do If The Nose Ring Fell Out?

Nose rings fall out of some reasonable causes. If the ring fell out in your sleeping then firstly search for it in your bed or pillow covers. After finding it you can put it back to the nostril piercing hole point and lock the back part with a stud. Locking with a stud can save your ring from further falling out.

During cleaning your face or makeup you can lose your new nose jewelry. You can find it in your makeup box or tissue box. After finding it, get it back to the piercing hole. If you are not able to do that yourself then take help from others who have the knowledge to wear a nose ring.

Why The Nose Ring Won’t Go Back In?

The nose jewelry won’t go back to the nostril piercing when the hole point of the nose closes up. Piercing takes time to heal. If you leave your piercing open for a long time then it can be closed up and you won’t put it back. You should consult with a professional piercing artist who can solve the problem by reopening it.

Piercing is a painful journey for those who go through this pathway. If you do not take aftercare and precaution measures it lays some risk with the piercing. With the proper care, you can avoid the risks and problems. Clean the nose area with saline water and should not spray directly any alcoholic solution. being cautious and following the suggestions properly you can save your nose ring from falling out.

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