27 Cute Happy Birthday Nails Designs For Special Day

You can hardly find any girl who is not excited about her birthday. Girls become more excited when it comes to their birthday outfits. And in this 21st century, there is no alternative to nail arts if you want to make your birthday outfit more highlighting and lovely. But most of the time girls get confused about the themes and designs of nail arts because choosing the perfect nail set for your perfect party is indeed difficult work but not to worry! We are here to help you decide on an out-and- out nail art design according to your theme.

Zoya Tomoko Happy Birthday Nails:

Happy Birthday Nails

Tomoko by Zoya can be described as romantic champagne with matte, textured, sparkling metal finish. So if you are looking for something like this for your Birthday Zoya Tomoko is the best option!

Cute Birthday Pink Nails


If you want your birthday nails to be cute and minimal, use bright pink colors. Don’t apply extra glitters or powder. This kind is very popular amongst baby girls. Their mothers always prefer to paint their girl’s nails in a cute pinkish way. It reflects the innocent vibe of girls.

Birthday Nail Art for Short Nails: 

Nail Art for Short Nails

Who says that short nails aren’t suitable for nail arts? Any shape of nail can look good and highlight if you paint it in a lovely way. Always prioritize bright colors when it comes to painting short nails because it highlights nails and fills the shortage of perfectly shaped long nails.

Birthday Short Square Nails:

Short Square Nails

Short square nails will look soothing at your summer birthday party. Put gel ombre pastel colors on short square nails. It’s a satisfying transformation! The design is more grafting and it makes the outcome so much more satisfying and soothing. You can also put neon color lines on your short square nails.

Happy Birthday Nails with Blings:

Nails with Blings

If you are holding a big and fancy birthday party then your outfit along with your nails should look fancy too! And to have fancy nail art, bling stones are just too perfect. Pick up a nude shade and then decorate your nails with bling stones. You can add you’re preferable patterns with it also.

Sexy Birthday Black Nails:

Sexy Nails

There is always a way to present your sexy aura through your nail art. If you want a sexy Birthday look then your nails have to look sexy too! And to provide sexy nail art, black sharp-shaped nail sets are popular amongst girls. Sharp-shaped nails always help to keep a sexy look. You can also use animal prints on your nails to make them look sexy. 

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Birthday Gel Nails:

Gel Nails

If your theme color for the party is pink then you can always go for a simple gel nail art. But to make the simple design a little bit out of the book you can choose gel pink marble. This will embrace the inner bright girl vibe of yours.

Summer Birthday Short Nails:

Summer Birthday

If your birthday is on a bright Summer Day, then you can reflect a summery vibe on your nails too. You can create a beach vibe with sky blue paint and add Orange paint to create a Sunshine vibe. Also, you can have an abstract pattern which is very popular for summer birthday nails.

Jamberry Nails Birthday Party:

Jamberry Nails

If you want nail art that will last longer then the first thing you need to apply to your nail is Jamberry nail products. Jamberry nail products are made of vinyl instead of nail polish. Jamberry nails are more prominent and long-lasting so it’s definitely suitable for your birthday party and will help you present an astonishing look.

Coffin Birthday Color Nails:


Are you a fan of Kylie Jenner’s fashion? If yes then you definitely are a fan of Coffin-shaped nails also known as ballerina’s nails as it’s her signature nail shape. Coffin nails are essentially the stiletto nail but with a square rather than pointy tip. You can use dark red coffin nails for your birthday.

Stiletto Nails for Birthday:

Stiletto Nails for Birthday

Stiletto nails are on-trend in this 21st century. So to keep up with the trend you can use them on your birthday. You can use long or short stiletto nails with neon colors or with any color you want.

Confetti Nails for Birthday:

Confetti Nails

Another on-trend nail design is the confetti nail. Confetti nails give the illusion of sparkles floating on your nails and it seems like confetti being tossed in the air. Confetti long nails will give a cool vibe on your birthday.

Red Birthday Nails:

Red Birthday Nails

If your birthday theme is of cherry or anything related to the red color you can always go for red nail art. Red nail arts are mostly popular for making a simple yet sexy look. You can use only red nail polish and create a very simple look or use some bling or stones on top of it to make your nails more attractive and eye-catching. We are sure that your party guests are just gonna love the host’s nail art!

Birthday Colors Nails: 


Make your birthday as colorful as you want! Because life is too short to not be colorful. And with a wish of having a colorful life, choose a color theme for your party. And to do it you can’t forget to paint your nails with various vibrant colors. You can paint colorful balloons on some of your nails and paint the other nails with pink or blue color.

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Green and Black Birthday Nails :

Green and Black Birthday Nails

If you’re going for a glamorous and shining outfit, then your nails should match with that too. And also if you want something royal, the combination of black, green, and glitters are just awesome. For this Royal look, you have to paint four of your nails with black or green and pal glitters and nude colors on the rest of the nails.

Katy Perry Nails for Birthday :

Katy Perry Nails

“BIKINIS, ZUCCHINIS, MARTINIS, NO WEENIE, JUST A KING AND A QUEENIE” – Yes you guessed it right! Who doesn’t love the songs of Katy Perry! Make the theme of your birthday party inspired by Katy Perry’s songs – I am sure people will love it. And to match with the theme, you can reflect her songs on your nails. You can find plenty of Katy Perry-inspired nail sets in the market. And if Katy Perry’s California Qural is your favorite song, then put a nail set that has stickers of bikinis, martinis, and zucchinis. This will give you a party vibe also.

Classy Cute Nails:

Classy Birthday Nails

If you want a classy nail design for your birthday then you must keep nude shades and white color on your mind. To have a classy and sassy look, cover most of your nails with nude shades and then border them with white nail polish. You can also make stripes with black nail polish to create a classy look.

Sparkle Birthday Nails:

Birthday Nails

There is something about red and sparkles together that you will absolutely adore! And if this combination can be reflected on your birthday nails it will create a sparkling aura. You can either put red sparkling nail polish or you can put red polish and then add some extra sparkles on your nails to create an astonishing look.

Birthday Cake Nails: 

Birthday Cake Nails

If you have a funky personality then always feel free to show it through your nails. And what could be funkier than having nail art based on a birthday cake at your birthday party? To create this nail design, you can buy a birthday cake nail set or you can paint it on your own too. Use bright colors to make it funky.

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Fall Birthday Nails Ideas:

Fall Birthday Nails

If your birthday is in the fall season then it will definitely have an impact on your party theme. And to reflect the autumn vibes on your nails you can use a nail set with the art of fall leaves. This will bring out the autumn aesthetic.

Pink Ombre Nails for Birthday:

Pink Ombre Nails

Ombre nails feature two colors smoothly graduating into each other. If your birthday theme color is pink then you can go for Pink ombre nails. Do this design with a dark and light pink color coming together with textures such as glitter and chrome.

Birthday Nails Mikki:

Nails Mikki

If your childhood’s favorite cartoon was Mickey mouse then you can still use it as a theme of your birthday. And to highlight that you can have nail art based on Mikki. For that, you can apply black nail polish on your three nails and draw Mickey and Minnie on the other two nails.

Queen Nails Birthday Special:

Queen nails

With this bold personality of yours, you definitely feel and act like a queen. And to express this royal personality of yours have a royal makeover on your birthday. Golden is an all-time royal color. Apply golden nail polish on stiletto-shaped nails and feel like a queen!

Rusty Nails for Birthday:

Rusty Nails for Birthday

If you have a fierce and bold personality then rusty nails are just for you. Rusty nails express the inner wild side of yours. So make a wild-themed birthday party and color your nails with rusty matte nail polish! Everyone is going to appreciate your nails for sure. Also, you can use rusty nails with wings.

Purple Birthday Nails:

Purple Birthday Nails

If you have a beautiful feminine aura and your favorite color is purple then you can always paint your nails with purple gel or matte at your birthday party. You can also apply fancy birthday nails with purple color to make it more attractive.

Rhinestone Nails Birthday Party:

Nails Birthday Party

Rhinestones are just perfect for occasions. You can always make outstanding nail art with just nude shades and rhinestones over it. It will create a glamorous yet simple look.

Birthday Acrylic Nails:


There is always an option to slay your nail paint by having acrylic nail arts. To have acrylic gel nails on your birthday, all you have to do is to correct acrylic powder from any shop and paint your nails according to your desired theme of your birthday party. And to some extra spice, you can paint with glitter acrylic powder too.

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