Top 11 Delightful Hairstyles for One-Shoulder Dresses

Whenever it’s time to go to a party or any occasion or any anniversary event firstly the thought came to our mind that what outfit should I wear? And the answer mostly picked up that ‘one shoulder dress’  that might bring a glamorous attire. Most celebrities conveyed such dresses more eagerly.

While thinking about the one-shoulder dress, it is important that your hairstyle must resemble your dress because hairstyles are the way to give you a classy look with your clobber. To do hairstyles are not so difficult these days because of the blessing of the internet. You also always don’t have to go to the parlor or salon for a new haircut.

 You can just pick a style from the internet or from your favorite celebrities whatever you wish and do it to yourself before attending any party or ceremony. You can take the help of the hairdresser if you need a perfect one that will be better. 

In this article, we bring some hair designs for your one-shoulder dress which you will surely love to be keen on. Let’s have a glance at the designs on the following that we only fetch as per your needs.

  • Long Braid Style

Long Braid Style

This is a stunning black outfit that very much goes with the long braid. This braid is sometimes called a mermaid braid. Keeping the braid on one side it spread your neckline more visible. This style is so much famous in fashion shows and also on the red carpet.

  • Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Hairstyle

There is a saying that age doesn’t matter in anything. And this picture shows it very fluently. The aged lady looked very staggering in her bleach blonde hair which was cut in a medium length. The bob design is cut approximately short to medium length level with the jawline. The one side-off-shoulder neon green dress looks gorgeous with the aged lady’s medium size blonde hair or bob cut style.

  • Short Hairstyle


Short hair is now a desirable one for girls’ but mostly for elderly people. It is quite an easy and comfortable hair design that everyone can make it. In the above picture, the lady wears a gorgeous mulberry dress with a short haircut bringing her an elegant look. 

  • A Long Ponytail


Ponytails are always very much welcomed in summer vibes. But one shoulder dress goes more comfortably with it. You can easily make a ponytail for any emergency occurrence or for office periods or any party time. This gives a bold attitude towards its wearer. A ponytail style goes with any kind of dress. You can use hairsprays to keep the hair flawless.

  • Pinned Hair


Just look at this picture design, a beautifully silked floral one-shoulder dress goes so well with the pinned hair of the woman. To draw up your pinned hair you can just divide your hair into two halves and rub some oil or hair gel through the dividers all over the hair. By this, your pinned hairstyle is ready to relay enchantress with your attire. It is a very ravishing design for the fashion world.

  • Untie Waved Hair


These long loose untie waves can give a very mushy and calm look. It is not always that formal looks mean an updo or tightly tied hair. This style also goes as a formal one which is without compromising the ultra glamour look.

  • Simple Bun With Black Outfit


Sometimes this very simple bun is more matched with the one-shoulder dress that you can not deny it. It brings back a classic look more often when your dress is black. It is so much quick and easy to make such a bun for any program.

  • Bangs And layer


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This bangs hair imparts a casual look with one shoulder dress. The front hair is cut short and the back hair is cut in a layer or layers. The layers give a wavey texture and for going to the bar this look is awesome.

  • Half Tied


This half-tied-up and short wave hairstyle gives the lady a very pretty look. The royal blue dress of one-shoulder design makes together a suave glance. You can try this out with any of the one-shoulder glamorous dresses on. 

  • Updo One-Shoulder Dresses Hairstyles


This colorful floral one-shoulder dress is very matching with the updo that is twisted with a thin braid. This look is more stylish and spontaneous than you must try for any outdoor arrangements. Updo hairstyles are more popular with one-shoulder dresses that can easily show off your neckline or shoulder stunningly.

  • Box BraidStyle


Box braid is so familiar hairstyle for black people especially. Curled hairs intertwined into medium braids through the head and pinned back the front braids to make an updo. The back hairs remain open and have a wave. This hairstyle is an ideal design for black afro women and also for other women who have curled hair.

In this article, we escorted some gracious designs for you to make better your attire with these hair designs. So now you are able to grasp the design that goes well with your one-shoulder dress immensely to your demand. You can also make a wishlist of these styles and try from the list eventually.

Moreover, these hairstyles are quite famous to the hairdresser and most celebrities also follow these hair designs we mentioned in this article. Now firstly you have to choose your one-shoulder dress and then choose from the hairstyles. If your dress is too gorgeous then you should seize simple makeup with a simple hairstyle. 

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No matter whatever your program is, you can just try these hairstyles to complete your attire perfectly.

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