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15 Best FFXIV Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

People who like to express their love, obsession, and fascination with something always have a tendency of getting a tattoo on their body. The tattoo has always been best known for its ability to help people to express themselves. Moreover, by seeing a tattoo on someone’s body you can easily guess the nature of that person. Ffxiv tattoos are very popular among gamers as they can show their fondness towards this game through this. Unfortunately, the problem arises when it comes to choosing what kind of ffxiv game tattoo one must get. So, in order to get you rid of these confusions, we are here to guide you so that you can choose your desirable tattoo without any hesitation.

Ffxiv Tattoo Meaning:

The fan of FINAL FANTASY XIV online games can show their devotion towards this game through ffxiv tattoos. Ffxiv game has different characters and different jobs are performed by these characters on different levels. Moreover, those characters have their own unique power which is represented by different symbols on the body of the characters. Those symbols on their bodies are known as ffxiv tattoos.

Ffxiv Tattoo Dark Knight:

The dark knight tattoos are mainly red and black color as these two colors go with the character or job of the dark knight. You can have a tattoo of ffxiv dark knight icon on your hand, arm, or backside of your shoulder if you believe you have the power of darkness and have a sacrificing nature in order to help your own people.

Ffxiv Tattoo Dark Knight

Ffxiv Gear With Tattoos:

Some special gear used by the characters of the game comes with tattoos on their body. Gears protect the characters and give power to the characters who are played by the players. So, being a ffxiv fan you can get ffxiv gear tattoos which will symbolize your protecting nature.

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Ffxiv Gear With Tattoos
Ffxiv Tattoo Scion:

If you are thinking of getting a ffxiv tattoo that is simple but elegant to look then you can go for ffxiv scion tattoo. This tattoo has a unique design that you can get with or without an eye in the middle of the design. However, these kinds of tattoos are mainly preferable on the neck or arm.

Ffxiv Tattoo Scion

Ffxiv Tattoo Scion

Ffxiv Tattoo Paladin:

Ffxiv paladin tattoo might help you to bring out your inner nature which has a protective spirit. If you are obsessed with the paladins of the ffxiv game then you can have a paladin tattoo. This tattoo is mainly of blue color as the sword used by the paladins is mainly blue but if you don’t want your tattoo to be colorful then you can have this tattoo with black color only.

Ffxiv Tattoo Paladin

Tattoo Paladin
Ffxiv Tattoo Ascian:

If you are a mystery lover who likes to cover yourself from people then you can try getting a ffxiv ascian tattoo. This tattoo is also a symbol of motivation for people who has a desire to fulfill their goals. Ascian tattoos come with variety so you can choose any design you like and get a desirable tattoo on your neck, arm, and legs.

Ffxiv Tattoo Ascian

Ffxiv Tattoo Ascian
Ffxiv Tattoo Arm:

Ffxiv arm tattoos will give you a lot of modish options with various designs. You can get a full sword tattoo of a paladin on your arm to express your fascination towards paladin. Also, you can even have a tattoo of the characters of the game which will cover your full arm. If you want a small designed tattoo for your arm then scion, ascian, black mage, and white mage ffxiv tattoos will be the best option for you.

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Ffxiv Tattoo Arm

Ffxiv Tattoo Black Mage

If you are fond of facing challenging things and also planning to get a ffxiv tattoo then ffxiv black mage tattoo is undoubtedly the best option for you. You can either have this tattoo by covering your full hand with black design or you can also go with a small design.

Ffxiv Tattoo Black Mage

Black Mage

FFXIV Tattoo White Mage:

Ffxiv white mage tattoo is an inspirational tattoo as the task of the white mage in the game is to bring light to the allies which will help them to move further. There is two styles of representing white mage tattoo. One of them is a quite simple design and another one is quite artistic which comes with two flowers in the design. Also, you can make your white mage tattoo colorful as per your wish which might reflect your enthusiastic nature.


Once you get your tattoo done it is quite painful to remove that tattoo so before getting your tattoo done you have set your mind permanently with full confidence. As there is a lot of varieties of tattoo design for ffxiv lovers so one might get confused while choosing a tattoo design. We hope that this article will provide you an appropriate guideline that will help you to decide what kind of ffxiv tattoo is perfect for you.

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