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Top Fairy Hairstyles That Definitely Amuse You

Whenever we say ‘Fairy hairstyle’, something enchanted, dreamy, or sparkly hairstyle pops out front of our eyes. A fairy hairstyle gives your kid and also you a simple look with a gorgeous finishing. Who doesn’t admire a princess-like fairy look? If you are looking for inspiration for your or your kid’s special event, this top 7 fairy hairstyle will definitely make your heart flatter.

A fairy hairstyle requires a different styling technique that suits your little daughter in any look. Any costume party or celebration program can be the perfect event for styling a fairy hairstyle. 

This hairstyle is fancy and sparkly and gives a little touch of a princess vibe which perfectly suits the kid most. Even every little girl to be wanted to look like a fairy tale princess and this fairy hairstyle definitely give perfection on their special day

Is there any kid or a dreamer like you who doesn’t love the hairdo of Disney Princesses? What if I say that hairdo is absolutely easy to do for any occasion? These top 7 Disney princesses inspired fairy hairdos’ are absolutely amazing. Just take a look and try for yourself and for your younger one to find out. 

1. Cinderella Hair Bun

Cinderella Hair Bun Fairy Hairstyles

Cinderella’s hair bun is the most famous one for the little princesses who are Disney lovers. it is the chance for all the medium or long-haired girls to make their hair swirl into a high bun and look cute.

If you want to make up your kid like their favorite Cinderella Princess, it’s not enough to just dress like her, her hairstyle will totally complement her whole outfit. These hair buns can really be her go-to event hairstyle. It is not so time-consuming, and simple yet gives your cutie pie a gorgeous look all over. 

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For volume, you can just make a crown on top of her hair and hide other swirls in a loose high bun. You can totally decorate her high bun with any hair accessories like a cute bow, some flower, or just a simple hair band which is totally optional.

2. Anna’s Coronation Ceremony Hairdo

Anna's Coronation Ceremony Hairdo

Anna’s coronation hairdo is the most trending hairstyle among children. For a formal event, you can totally slay in your kid’s outfit with this hairstyle like Anna. 

Even though this hairstyle looks complicated but is just an act of ten minutes with a pretty look. 

  • First, all you have to do is make a three-strand braid, and take it over the front part of your or your younker’s hair.
  • Next, make a quarter ponytail.
  • Finally, twist the rest of the hair, and make a little blowzy bun.

You can add a flick exactly like Anna or you can add your own twist with a cute bow or make it flowery. 

3. Elsa’s Coronation Ceremony Special Twisted Hair Bun


Elsa, in the coronation, had the personality of a queen. Simply beautiful but bold. If you’re going to this kind of event and wondering what gives your kid or you a simply beautiful or bold look this hairstyle definitely can give you just what you need.

For this hairdo:

  • First, you have to create a front-side braid and roll it down all the way.
  • Next, the rest of the hair with the braid, and twist it into a bun. 
  • Make it strong with clips or a hair band.

It can totally give your teenage girl a fairy yet a bold look.

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4. Snow White Bob


A short-haired girl can totally slay in the look of a snow-white bob. But truly speaking, this fairy hairstyle is perfect for a toddler girl. With a blue-yellow dress, this hairstyle is beyond adorable for your kid. 

Even if you have long or medium hair, and are crazy about this look you can obviously take this look without making your hair short. You can cleverly fake your long hair into a short swirl it into your bow band and create your own cute look instantly. 

5. Jasmine’s Bubble Ponytail


This hairstyle never went out of style from the 90s to this modern era. This bubbly ponytail gives you or your toddler an Asian vibe. It is creative yet simple. You can add your very own creativity by making a front braid or adding jewelry over the ponytail to make it look gorgeous. A little flowery or bow touch makes it dreamy. It’s just so easy to do. 

  • Make a high ponytail 
  • Make different sections of your ponytail with hairbands.
  • Puff each section and design it according to your taste. 

6. Rapunzel’s Butterfly Braid


Rapunzel’s butterfly braid is something every girl wants to create once in her lifetime. It forces a girl to wish to have long hair like hers, just to slay the hairdo. Even though that length of hair is somehow impossible but you can give this braid a try with your medium to long hair.

  • Make two separate sections on the corner of your head.
  • Make three strand braid with each section. These two braids shall be thinner in size.
  • Make a complete braid with the rest of the hair which will be the thicker one.
  • Make Those two thin-sized braids swirl inside the thick braid. 
  • Add your butterfly clips as much as you love.
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Enjoy your Rupanzel’s fairy look with this lovely hairstyle which makes your little girl a real Disney princess.

7. Tinker Bell Bun

Tinker Bell Bun

Tinkerbell is a sassy fairy and like her personality, this hairstyle can give you or your kid a sassy fairy look in a really short time. It can be your tad’s regular go-to school or playground look or you can give a cute touch with a bow or some wildflower on any other occasion. 

 To do the bun:

  • Make a high ponytail. 
  • Twist the ponytail and slide it through the elastic. 
  • Then spread away the ponytail like a donut
  • Wrap the end of the ponytail through the elastic again.
  • Finally spread the hair thoroughly like a donut without any gap in between of it.

And You’re Done!


These lovely fairy hairstyles will definitely make your kid’s and also your appearance adorable at the same time gorgeous. Some of them can be your go-to hairstyle and some can make you or your kid delightfully different in any get-together or occasion. 

You can also add your chosen accessories for your hair to match up your personality and make every simple hairstyle look ravishing. Little girls are very fascinated with these hairstyles on any occasion or everyday look.

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