Country Girl Tattoos

7 Cute Country Girl Tattoos You Need to Try

Tattoos are being used to provide public messages for thousands of years. Throughout the decades, tattoos have been indicative of the passage from girlhood to womanhood, of female power and beauty. Country girl tattoos are very popular among girls who believe in woman empowerment and are more of countryside lovers. But you people often get confused about what to write or paint as your tattoo. As tattoo removing is more painful we are sure you do not want to get a tattoo design with your perplexing mind. But do not worry about it, we are right here to guide you with some amazing country girl tattoo ideas.

Country Girl Sleeve Tattoos:

If you want to showcase your country girl side with minimal effort then country girl sleeve tattoo is a go-to option. If you want to show your country girl energy and enthusiasm you can have a tattoo written “Forever young” on your sleeve. It will show your enthusiastic country girl power.
Country Girl Sleeve Tattoos

Small Country Girl Tattoos:

If you want to keep your tattoo minimal then you can have small country girl tattoos on you hand ,toe or abdominal area near your belly button. If you are more into country music you can have a tattoo resembling the country music with a hat. And if you are more of a proud country girl then simply go for a hand or abdominal tattoo written “Country Girl”.

Small Country Girl Tattoos

Country Girl Thigh Tattoos:

If you think of yourself as a rebellious country girl who has so many words against injustice then you can go for a thigh tattoo resembling rebel with a gun and written “Rebel” on it. Or you can write your favorite country quotes on your thigh tattoo too. The quote that fits your personality perfectly.

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Country Girl Thigh Tattoos

Country Girl Pin Up Tattoos:

A classic pin-up tattoo is one of the most recognized tattoos. If you want a traditional country girl tattoo then you should definitely go for a pin-up tattoo. Pin-up tattoos are used for expressing female beauty. So if you want to express the beauty of a country girl then you should go for a pin-up tattoo of a country girl wearing her hat and standing with power. You can have it on your hands, thighs, or on your side abdominal area. It will surely make you look more empowered and beautiful.

Country Girl Pin Up Tattos

Country Girl Singer Tattoos:

If you are passionate about country music and want people to notice and know about your passion then go for country girl singer tattoos. You can have a tattoo of music and a cowgirl hat. It will easily showcase your inner singing passion. Also if you are a fan of Celine Dion then go for a tattoo written “Halfway To Heaven” on it. It will show your love and infatuation with a country song. You can have a tattoo of your favorite country song too.

Country Girl Singer Tattoos

Simple Country Girl Tattoo:

If you want to keep it simple and minimal then go for a tattoo that is minimal yet powerful. If you have a fearless personality with the heart of a huntress then go for a tattoo that has written and painted “Huntress” on it. Or you can have a heart tattoo that has written “Country” on it. Heart tattoos are popular among people who want to keep their tattoos simple. Or you can write your favorite simple and small quote as a tattoo. Like you can write “Born to ride” as a tattoo.

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Simple Country Girl Tattoo

Southern Country Girl Tattoos:

If you are a southern country girl then go for something that resembles your region. Showcase your affection for your country through your tattoo. Have a tattoo that reflects your southern personality. You can have a tattoo that has written “Southern Sweetheart ”.Or you can show your fierce southern personality with a gun tattoo written “Southern Belle “on it. These tattoos will show your love and affection as a country girl.

Southern Country Girl Tattoos


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