Child of God Tattoo

7 Popular Ideas for Child of God Tattoo

Who is a child of God? A child of God is a person whose heart and soul solely focus on the faith of God that he beliefs in. For thousands of years, human has been inking their skin with tattoos and many people have been doing tattoos based on their religious beliefs. The reason is that one of the oldest reasons for tattooing is connected to spirituality. We all are God’s creation. Only those who trust and have faith in God are children of God. This tattoo shows the trust and faith toward God. It has deep spiritual and religious meaning. This tattoo brings people to their faith in an artistic way.

What does a child of God mean?

We all know God is our creator. Our mother gives birth to us. But life is a gift from our God. We can only be a child of God if we trust our God. God created this universe so that every person acknowledges the power of God. If only we acknowledge his power and submit to them on a spiritual level, only then will God show mercy to his creations. Being a child of God means that one must put faith in his god and show the connection to our god.

Child of God tattoo in Hebrew

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Child of God is an important part of the Christian religion. Many people get tattoos in different languages to show off. But sometimes it can be used to hide some emotions under these phrases. If you want something special only to yourself, have this tattoo in Hebrew. Hebrew is also the language of the original bible. So it will give the tattoo some more attention.

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Child of God in Greek tattoo

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Greece has a different approach to their Gods. They believe that there is a God for every emotion and part of the world. For example, the God of thunder is Zeus and he has a son called Hercules. So technically, Hercules is a child of God. So if you are interested in Greek mythology, this can be a great way to show your interest.

Child of God tattoo forearm

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The forearm is the most popular and versatile place for tattoos. If a child of God is a meaningful phrase for you, the forearm will be the perfect spot to have a tattoo regarding the child of God. As a meaningful tattoo, this can be a special spot and close to yourself.

Child of God tattoo arm

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The arm is a versatile place to have various kinds of tattoo. Not only for religious purposes, but one can have literally any kind of tattoo in their arms for the world to see. And for this reason, this place is heavily used to have Child of God tattoos. The arm has more area to cover, so one can have various sizes of tattoo here. Jesus himself can be drawn in your arm to show faith in him.  It gives the tattoo a strong appearance from the wearer as well as those who see it.  So if you think that you are a child of God yourself, have a tattoo on your arm and let everyone know about it proudly.

Child of a God tattoo sleeve

Child of God Tattoo
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Child of God is a pride for many. The sleeve maybe is the most commonplace to have a religious tattoo. The place is open for everyone to see. It also focuses on the tattoo easily. So those who are proud of being religious, have a tattoo up their sleeve to show people off. If you are a religious person yourself and want to show everyone, get a child of God tattoo on your sleeve. It will look great and you will be proud of the tattoo.

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I’m a Child of God tattoo

Child of god
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Everyone can be a child of God if they have the will. You are a child of God if you believe that Jesus is the son of god. Having a tattoo regarding this topic means you are proud to be religious. You have no shame to show your thoughts and beliefs.

Child of God tattoo on leg

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Although the leg is an odd place to have a religious tattoo, having a tattoo on your leg is for personal depth rather than showing off. So if you get a child of God tattoo on your leg, then it means that you have a personal connection with your religion and beliefs. Which is not bothered by others preferences and comments.

Child of God tattoo stencil

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Child of God is a sensitive topic to wear. It needs to be perfectly shown in the wearer’s body. And the best way to make it perfect is to make a stencil rather than inking it directly. As we know, the stencil is the process of drawing a picture on a thin sheet of paper. It is used so that the picture can then be transferred to another object. Tattoo stencilling is used so that there is no mistake while inking it on the body. It is a major part of drawing a professional quality tattoo on a clients body.


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