16 Simple Mehndi Designs for Girls & Women

Simple Mehndi Designs

In the Indian subcontinent, no wedding program can be fulfilled without Mehndi. But some people are not like mehndi so much, like other mehndi lovers. If you are a person like those who are not mehndi lovers, you can drow simple mehndi designs to maintain formality. To do a simple design you just need a … Read more

19 Modern Mehndi Designs For Hands to Try

Mehndi Designs For Hands

All over the Indian subcontinent, mehndi is counted as an auspicious element of marriage. And also as counted the symbol of love between the bride and groom. Modern mehndi designs for hands are being more popular among mehndi lovers, besides simple mehndi design. Here you will find a huge resource about mehndi design like Simple … Read more

11 Easy & Simple Henna Designs For Legs

Women are always like to adorn themselves with any kind of costume and jewelry or makeup accessories. Henna is one of the most favorite things of a woman. You may know about legs mehndi design. Here we have discussed the most attractive Henna designs for legs with some incredibly beautiful pictures. Legs henna designs look … Read more