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Best Bravo Haircut For Cricket Lovers

Dwayne John Bravo, known as DJ Bravo is one of the most renowned players in Windies cricket history. He is a fast bowling all-rounder. Dj Bravo is a very popular name in every franchise cricket tournament. He has so many achievements. He is the younger brother of Darren Bravo, another well-known top-order batsman.

 Dj Bravo can play a very important role in all 3 formats especially in T20 format because he plays a big role in death overs. His slowers and cutters are very effective. He can also bowl fast as well. And he also hits big sixes. He played for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. He played 40 tests, 164 ODIs, and 91 t20s. He was an important part of the 2012 t20 world champion team and 2016 t20 world champion team. He also won the 2004 ICC champions trophy. 

He has already retired from all types of international cricket. After winning the 2016 world cup he made a song named “Champion” which is very famous worldwide. Bravo Haircut is also famous as well to his fanbase. 

bravo haircut

DJ Bravo has a hairstyle that is basically a faded curly haircut. As he is a well-renowned cricketer all over the world so his hairstyle is also famous. Many people want to follow his hairstyle. Everyone can try it but it suits more curly hair as Bravo has curly hair. It can be suited in any type of face shape like oval, round, etc. A  fade haircut is a haircut where the sides are very short and upper hairs are longer than the sides and a level of hair becomes shorter from front to back. However, it can suit you in formal and casual ways. 

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How to get bravo haircut: 

It is very easy to get a Bravo haircut from a barber shop by telling them or showing them the picture. But if you do have not enough time on your hands then you can do it in your home easily. Maybe 10-15 minutes is more than enough for this hairstyle. You have to follow this process then:

  1. First, comb your hair rightly and then set the clips. 
  2. Then take a trimmer. 
  3. Set the small clip in the trimmer. 
  4. First, cut your sides. 
  5. After cutting the sides, cut the back side. 
  6. The level of hair on these 3 sides should be the same otherwise it will not be like this hairstyle. 
  7. Then you should take a scissor and remove the clips from your upper hair. 
  8. Then cut your upper hair in a medium range. 
  9. Then clear the corners and combine that with a trimmer. 

You can have a goatee with a Bravo haircut as he has. It is totally your choice. It can look better. But it depends on your choice.

Bravo haircut


Bravo haircut can give you a good impression everywhere. You will be very confident then, this makes you bold. You look more polite, classic, and stylish. You can go everywhere with this look. It suits not only the casual look but also the formal look. So you can try it but it would be better than if you have curly hair.

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