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Mark Edward Fischbach known as Markiplier is a famous American YouTuber based in Log Angeles. Markiplier’s YouTube channel is about gaming videos. He became famous for playing horror and indie games, including The Five Nights at Freddy’s Series and so on.

Youtuber Markiplier has a unique hairstyle that attracts his followers, and many want to have that one. In this article, you will be avail to know about his hairstyle. Besides that, you can also have some information about his life.

Why is Markiplier famous?

Though Markiplier is famous for his gaming YouTube channel, he is also known for his unique hairstyle and hair look.

Markiplier joined YouTuber on March 6, 2012, and uploaded his first video on April 4, 2012. Markiplier’s main purpose for creating a YouTube channel is portraying sketches, but later it gets banned. Then he made a new channel on May 26, 2012, named ‘MarkiplierGAME’. In this channel, he gradually ranked number 61 in 2014. He also has another youtube channel with his fellow YouTubers.

Markiplier is related to many other works. He joined the board of comic book publishers in 2014 and voiced the Cartoon Network series in 2017.

Markiplier also has a fashion brand names Cloak.

Did Markipliers act in tv series?

Markilplier acted in many film and tv series. His first film was named Smosh: The Movies in 2015, published.

He also gets nominated for his gaming and YouTubing.

Markiplier hairstyles

Markiplier natural hair color is brown but he changed it a lot of times. He had his natural long brown hair when he started his youtube carrier, but he changed it in 2014 and turned it into Blonde Spikes with red color. Turning his hair color into red and spikes, it took him 3 hours as he told. That hairstyle suits him very well. 

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Markiplier long hairstyle

At the start of his youtube carrier, he had long hair, but at a times, he cut it. He replied to a comment where his follower questioned him about cutting his long hair. He said that if you want to grow your hair, then there are two ways one is having an undercut that will allow you to grow back out while maintaining the relaxed hair look that you have now, or another one is natural curly looks with some gel product so that they won’t end up with a bunch of frizzy hair.

Markiplier long hairstyle

He said cutting his long hair took three hours in a protective style so that it would grow long fast. 

Markiplier short haircut

Markiplier short haircut

Markiplier recently had a short haircut. In this haircut, he shorted his hair in short length like a uniform haircut style.

Markiplier with different hair color

Markiplier changed his hair color many times from his natural brown hair, which is his specialty. In 2015 he colored his in red and in the front part a little blue it’s an uncommon combination of colors that are not seen easily anywhere, and red color is Markiplier’s favorite color.

Markiplier with red hair color

In 2016 Markiplier turned his hair color from red to blonde color for a few days, then he changed it to green after one day. In 2016,2017, he appeared with unicorn hair color, which suits him very well and makes him look different.

Markiplier likes to experiment with his hair with different colors, so he did one in front of the camera with purple and other colors in 2016.

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Markiplier’s current haircut and hair color

At present, markiplier has turned his hair black, and it’s in a half-long shape which is simple. For now, he doesn’t have any hairstyle. He just kept his hair normal for his working purpose.


Markiplier is an excellent YouTuber with 33 million subscribers. Besides his YouTubing carrier, people are also interested to know about his lifestyle and his hairstyle. By reading this article, you can learn about him and his hairstyle. Hope you like the article

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