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Basketball Player Lebron James Haircut to Try

Lebron Raymone James Sr., familiar as King James is a famous American professional basketball player who has a great career in Basketball history, and sometimes he is considered as greatest of all times. He has a very successful career with so many records and achievements and he has a huge fanbase. As people like to follow successful people, people have so many interests in him. So Lebron James’ haircut is also famous and people really like it. 

Lebron James has a wonderful career. He has four NBA championships, four NBA mvp, four NBA final mvp awards, three All-Star mvp awards, two Olympic gold medals, most points in the playoffs, second most career points, seventh most career assists and so on. So he can easily be considered the greatest. He also has won 19 ESPY awards. 

Lebron James Haircut

Lebron James has a haircut that is basically a mix of buzz haircut and fade haircut. Mainly it is a short hairstyle that can suit anyone better in any face shape. Buzz haircut is mainly a haircut that has short hair on top and sides that are long but not too long. A fade haircut is a haircut that has a level of hair that becomes shorter from front to back. Though fade and buzz both are easy maintenance so Lebron James haircut is not tough. Lebron James haircut is very simple but stylish and it suits everywhere and every look. It can easily suit casual and formal too. This hairstyle can make you polite and gentle and also you can get a good impression surely anywhere. 

How to get lebron james haircut :

lebron james haircut

You can easily get that by going to Barber. If you show them the picture then it is very easy to get that. But if you have not enough time to go there, then you can also easily do that at home. 

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The process is here:

  1. Firstly, spray water on your hair to cut it easily. It will help to clip your hair.
  2. Secondly, take a trimmer. 
  3. Thirdly, set the small clip and cut your sides with that clip. 
  4. Then set the next clip and also cut the side (upper than before but not in middle) but compatibility is must. 
  5. After that, you can see a shape in your sides. 
  6. Then the same process for your backside.
  7. Subsequently, you have to take the 12mm clip then. 
  8. Then you can cut your upper hair with that. You can also do that with scissors.
  9. After that, you have to fix some corners in this shape.
  10. After finishing all these things, I hope you will see Lebron James hairstyle on your face. 

Beard Style :

As Lebron James has a beard with his hairstyle you can also keep a beard with this style. 

Though it is your personal choice. But keeping a beard with this hairstyle looks good. Beard suits this haircut the most and it looks like a gentleman and also makes your personality bold. 

Conclusion :

Lebron James is a very famous NBA personality so he can influence a huge number of people. So his buzz and fade hairstyle also influenced many people. After getting that haircut you will look bolder and more classic.

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